Why Choose a Property Management Company?

“Renting my own property is cheaper.”
“I’ll save more money without using a property management company.”
“It will be easy for me to just do it myself.”
Myths like these are all too common in the rental property business. Here are the top three reasons why you should work with a property management company instead

#1: You’ll save tons of time.

Sure, you can try to tackle finding tenants, marketing your property, tracking your finances, repairs, and so much more by yourself. But as if reading that list isn’t exhausting enough, actually having the skills and time to do everything is a full-time job.

They say time is money, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to owning a rental property. WIth more time, you can find more opportunities for investing, or even just spend more time with family, friends, and doing what you love.  Here are just some of the things Silver Home Rentals can do to help clear your plate:

  • Prepare monthly financial reports.
  • Screen for tenants.
  • Provide maintenance services.
  • Inspect your property.

#2: You could actually save money.

For all the above services (and then some) that we provide, our rental property management company in Tucson takes only 10% of your rent. Not to mention, we provide a free property evaluation that looks over your property’s condition, marketability, and a suggested rental amount.

If you’re failing to find tenants (or find tenants that damage your property), it will cost you. If you try to make repairs yourself, it will cost you. If you make a mistake with those repairs, it will cost even more. But if you work with a property management company like Silver Home Rentals, you could actually save money. Our experience and all-inclusive services leave little to chance — something both you and your wallet will appreciate.

#3: Our experience is worth its weight in gold rent.

When you need your teeth cleaned or your car fixed, chances are you pay a professional to get the job done. Why wouldn’t you want the same professional treatment for one of your biggest investments?

Silver Home Rentals has been Tucson’s choice for rental property management for almost 40 years. From understanding rental property laws to knowing the area and finding the best tenants possible, we have decades of knowledge and experience that can’t be matched.

Silver Home Rentals makes investing in and owning a rental property easier than ever. Maximize your rental property potential with a rental property management company who gets the job done. Contact us for a free property evaluation today!