SILVER HOME RENTALS - Property Managment for Homes in and Near Tucson, AZ

Silver Home Rentals specializes in single family homes, condos and townhouses. We offer a FREE Property Evaluation, which includes:
  • A report on the condition of your home
  • Advisement of repairs needed
  • Marketability of your home
  • Rental Amount
We work diligently to protect your financial investment and provide you with personalized services.


HOME SALES AND PURCHASES, although managing your property is our #1 priority and business, we are licensed to buy and sell Real Estate. If you decide to sell your home or purchase more investment properties, we will assist you. We have a working relationship with many Tucson Real Estate Sales Companies and jointly we will provide you with Professional Real Estate Services.
MARGARET POLLEY has been a Tucson resident for over 42 years and a Licensed Real Estate Agent since 1993. Ms. Polley has an extensive background in Customer Service, and brings energy, integrity, and commitment to her position.


Since 1980, we have been providing Tucson property owners the following services for an All-Inclusive Fee of 10% of the gross rent
As professional property managers our goal is to provide the best marketing services that will maximize the amount of money you receive. Because we specialize in SINGLE FAMILY HOMES,TOWNHOMES, & CONDOS, we keep our finger on the pulse of the rental market in Tucson. Low vacancy rates and rapid turn around times help achieve your investment goal. Our FREE PROPERTY EVALUATION, with our knowledge of the local real estate market, combine to determine that your property will bring an accurate, current rental rate.
Leasing a home requires expertise in many areas. Knowledge of the laws governing the Landlord/Tenant relationship is critical. Choosing the right tenant for your property is extremely important. We review the potential tenant’s rental history, job history, and credit report. We believe that a tenants first financial responsibility is to the landlord and we do not tolerate a tenant that does not make timely rental payments.
Regular Home Inspections, preventive maintenance and timely repairs, are smart management. We do not believe in deferred maintenance. Home Inspections are performed regularly and our maintenance team is trained to visually inspect the property. We DO NOT add additional fees to nor make a profit from repairs.
Easy To Understand Monthly Financial Statements are generated each month for you.
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